Martinez & Verburg, both dancers, teachers and choreographers based in Amsterdam, create performances and initiate exchange projects since 2000. Vincent Verburg founded Movementalist officially in 2002. Martinez and Verburg extended Movementalist to a civil partnership in 2009. From then on they keep on creating together as well as independently of one another. ǀ BIOGRAPHIES

Pablo Alanes, audiovisual multi - talented hybrid artist from Bolivia working on music, soundscapes for video and dance performances, video and photography. Co-founder and programmer of the famous Cultural Café “Etno” in La Paz and painter. Pablo Alanes created the soundscape for “Realidades” in 2013 and performed in the full evening piece as musician. In 2017 he joined the process of “Void” for the soundscape and video. In 2019 Pablo created the digital soundscape and visuals for “The Artist is Resident” and played didgeridoo during the performance.

Since he lives in The Netherlands he collaborates with projects of Movementalist as a well as developing his own projects with his company Animas. ǀ FOOTAGE